Common Discounts Available to Senior Citizens

Today's seniors might cringe at the escalating costs of necessities such as prescription medication and even higher utility bills, and understandably so. However, savvy seniors can save by taking advantage of a host of discounts exclusive to the those over the age of 65.

* Travel perks. Many seniors love to travel, and can even do so at heavily discounted prices. Larger hotel chains often offer seniors discounts as high as 10 percent. Unfortunately, many U.S. domestic airlines, facing higher fuel prices and dwindling business due the global economic downturn, ceased offering senior discounts in 2009. However, certain airlines, including Southwest Airlines, still offer discounted rates to seniors. These discounts can be as much as 10 percent. It's also common for car rental agencies to offer senior discounts.

* Transportation. Many communities provide heavily discounted, if not free, rates to seniors for public transportation. Consult with your local government to determine if you qualify for senior discounts.

* Food. Grocery stores commonly offer discounts to older customers, and many times you don't even need to be a senior citizen to qualify. In general, chains offer senior discounts, including special days for seniors to shop, to anyone over the age of 55. Restaurants are also known to offer senior discounts, and often these discounts extend beyond "early bird special" discounts of yesteryear. While early bird specials still exist, many chain restaurants offer discounted prices to seniors regardless of time of day. In many cases, these discounts aren't listed on the menu, but it never hurts, and typically saves, to ask.

* Arts and culture. Seniors looking to spend a day or night on the town and take in some culture can typically do so at a discounted rate. Museums and National Parks typically offer discounted admission to seniors, as do movie theaters and even some concert halls.